third-party cookies webinar

Third-party cookies cancellation webinar done. Full video

Third-party cookies are about to be banished from Google Chrome in 2024. Raising concerns brought us to think about an expert who can shed some light on the matter. So, how can we stay ahead of Google this time?

Well, you have option 1: you can earn $297.132B dollars. You will become a King of the Hill, ignoring Google completely. Sounds complicated? Then, you have option 2. After the third-party cookies ban act smartly minding changes that Google introduces next year, and be ready!  Adjust your marketing strategy, and think about actions you need to take to receive from users their cookies consent.

To that end, last week we had a wonderful sitting with Jan Winkler from talking about third-party cookies.

Do’s and don’ts, what to expect, what to do about tracking users’ data and gathering users’ information, and how to adjust your marketing strategy.

Check out the video and if you are up for more drop us a line and we will send you the slides that Jan used.


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