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Single Tag: All-in-One
Ad Management Solution for Publishers

Everything you need to increase your site’s results through programmatic advertising.
So you can focus on what you do best, deliver great content for your visitors


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 Implement one line of code in just 15 minutes.

 Start monetizing on the same day.


Ad Monetization

  Access 25+ demand sources at the best CPMs.

  Immediate access to premium advertisers and agencies we partner with.

  Dynamic SSP allocation to optimize returns by country.


Full Personal Support

 Personal account manager who speaks your language.

 24/7 technical support, flag anything that might need our attention with our Chrome plug-in.

 We commit to a < 12h ticket turnaround and < 48h ticket resolution.

Get ready to maximize your RPM
(Revenue x Thousand Page Views)

Everything in one place

Our passion for digital advertising runs deep; we eat, sleep, and breathe programmatic! Our team can handle everything from full stack header bidding to expert GAM-integrations and of course we optimize your website’s layout and content to create maximum inventory and impact. 

We’ve got you covered, so you don’t have to look elsewhere:

Full Website & App integration

We support full integrations through our Single Tag Solution for Web, WebApps, and Apps.

Google MCM Partnerships

Do you work with your own Google Ad Manager (GAM) and you aren’t able to let go? No worries, as a Google MCM partner we can connect with your GAM-account and set you up with AdX, Server Side Header Bidding and Amazon TAM, or any of these individually according to your needs! So that you can leverage the power of our network. 

Supporting all Ad Formats


IAB standard, In-image, and Rich Media


Instream, Outstream, Native and Side Scrollers


Standard, Video, Smart, Auto or even full article Elastic natives.

Rich Media

Takeovers, Skins, IAB enhanced, In-image, Swipetanks and Custom Natives

Content Recommendation

Leverage our outstanding umbrella agreement with Outbrain or use our own Content Recommendation solutions.

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Ad Refresh

New impressions on ads every 25-30 seconds!

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Monetize incoming traffic from other geos, without changing your partner in your main country!

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Lazy Loading

Avoid a negative impact on your site's Core Vitals!

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Anti Ad Block

Stop losing advertising revenue on your site!

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GDPR Compliant CMP

Leverage our premium CMP for free!

Power to Publishers

Your own dashboard to provide analytic tools and help you make informed decisions to drive growth.
With info regarding ad’s performance and revenue optimization opportunities.

Let your revenue growth go through the roof!

Unleash our premium and programmatic demand partners.

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