Monetize App SDK

All-in-One SDK: Premium Header Bidding, CMP and flexible positioning

Simplify ad management! Update-free App monetization SDK


Implementing a mobile Ad SDK should be painless!

The Monetize App SDK has been created with a unique purpose: to make app monetization as easy and flexible as web monetization, solving the most common problems App developers and publishers encounter

custom ad formats

All-in-one Ad Monetization

Maximize revenue with a single SDK! Connect to header bidding with 25+ premium demand sources including Google AdMob!

Performance Dashboard

Providing insights and revenue optimization opportunities!

monetize apps sdk

No More App Updates Required

Roll out ad positioning optimizations without having to update the App. No more deployments or users with outdated versions!

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GDPR Compliant CMP

Leverage our premium CMP for free!

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monetize ads
monetize ads

App Monetization made as easy as web monetization

By joining the beta test, you will not only get our full support, but will also grant you access to our App Header Bidding solution connected to 25+ premium demand sources, at no cost for you!

Make the most out of your App’s ads with Display, Outstream, Infinite Scroll, Interstitials and also Video Interstitials. Currently working on Native, Rewarded and Playable!

Our tech team will guide you throughout the Beta Testing, from the start. You will also be provided with all the documentation you require.

You won’t need to add untrusted sources of libraries. We use standard repositories with quality controls that ensure your code is secure.

We are currently working hard to include iOS, React and Unity.

Let monetization of your Apps go through the roof!

Unleash our premium and programmatic demand partners.

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Excited to monetize your apps in double speed? Count to three...

Get in touch

We will check out your apps, and once approved we´ll get back to you with everything you need to implement the App SDK.

Choose your type of implementation

Do it your way! Choose from doing a Manual or Auto configuration. You can also choose to implement our Single Line of code for a streamlined setup.

Start monetizing!

We connect your apps and optimize your setup, giving you real time feedback. Monitor performance with our dashboard and receive monthly payments.

Get in touch with part of the tech team involved!




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Ad monetization doubts? Ask away.

Hit us up! We promise to answer you within 24 hours on business days!

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