Monetize Like a Champ: Summer 2024 Sports Events

Game on! This summer 2024 comes with an explosion of excitement that has sports fans, brands and publishers on the edge of their seats. With a lineup of relevant sporting events and tournaments, is hard not to see the potencial of audience reach and engagement opportunities that comes with it.

Are you running a sports news website, blog, forum, or related site? Let us be your coach to get you prepared to monetize like a champ with a few tips from your favorite Ad Monetization partner. Ready? Set? Monetize!


How to get high-traffic and revenue from sporting events during summer 2024?


Major sports tournaments always trigger a traffic increase and you know the score: more visitors = more ads shown = more revenue! (and if you are not monetizing ads, you better start now!)

Here are some tips to help you make the most out of the game season:


  1. Earn your place in the feed of Google discover


Get in the podium! Content making for seasonal sports events can help you win your spot in Google discover.

Increase your chances to stand out from the crowd by doing the following:

  • Optimize your SEO strategy: Think of relevant keywords as a must-have to winning the gold medal. When writing content, also make sure you adhere to Google’s quality guidelines so you don’t get kicked out of the game.

  • Use high-quality images and engaging videos to enhance user experience and attract attention.

  • Choose trending topics wisely and provide insightful analysis to differentiate your content.


  1. Create a calendar of the main events taking place during this season.


People don’t want to miss a game! And they need sources to keep track of when their favorite teams or players are playing. Having a calendar about the sports events is an easy way to provide relevant information users are looking for and increase your traffic. Take into consideration that different events attract fans from different parts of the world. Choose the ones that will bring you the right audience.

Here are some of the top sports events happening this summer 2024 to take into account:

Top Sport Calendar Summer 2024

  1. Use different Ad formats for monetization of Sports traffic


By diversifying ad formats, publishers and advertisers can optimize their monetization strategies by appealing to different user preferences and behavior patterns, boosting revenue from sports fans.

Here are a few simple reasons why choosing the right ad formats is key to monetizing sports traffic:

  • Ad blocker mitigation: when trying to monetize ads, ad blockers can become your oponent in the match. The good news is that ad formats such as native ads, are less susceptible to ad blockers and can save revenue loss due to ad blocking software.

  • User experience: Well-chosen ad formats can enhance the user experience on your sports website by being relevant and non-intrusive. Choose formats that improve user satisfaction without causing annoyance, so you can turn your visitors into loyal “fans” who return to your page again and again, increasing your traffic.

  • Improved SEO: ad placement can impact your site’s performance. Choosing the wrong ad formats can make you increase bounces rates while others can increase your pages per visit.


Choosing the best ad formats for your sports websites? Don’t miss out any penny!

So, you want to win more money and implement the most effective formats for your website, but are not sure which ones are best for you?

Don’t you worry. We are the champions! Contact an AdOps expert and expect a reply in less than 24 hours.

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