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Ad revenue increased by 20% due to specialized SSPs integration, and optimized site performance. Thanks to the Fixed RPM and personalized attention, revenues became stable and more predictable throughout the year, allowing to continue growing its business stress-free.


Operating in the gaming niche and targeting audiences in Spain and LATAM with over 8M page views, is a site that provides video game guides, walkthroughs, and tips. Since its launch in 2007, has been a valuable resource for gamers seeking help to finish their videogames.

Initial challenges started seeing a gradual decline in revenue, on top of a big income instability, accompanied by a decrease in the site advertiser’s quality.

When trying to address these issues, they also grew tired of having to liaise with chat bots and automated emails when it came to customer support.


We implemented a comprehensive monetization strategy:

custom ad formats

Dedicated Account Manager

A dedicated Account Manager was assigned to, a native speaker offering personalized guidance, continuous performance insights, and ongoing support.

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Ad Formats Optimization

Conducted an analysis with the aim of optimizing ad formats maximizing engagement and ad revenue, this contributed to impressions generating the highest possible value.

Specialized SSPs and Demand

Integrated specialized SSPs that catered specifically to the gaming niche, ensuring access to premium ad demand and enhanced relevance of ad placements.

Fixed RPM Strategy

We implemented a Fixed RPM (Revenue Per Mille) strategy to provide and guarantee stable and consistent revenues throughout the year, helping the publisher relax and focus on creating relevant content.

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