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Revenue Growth Granted: Outbrain’s Ad Solutions

Since last year, we have partnered with Outbrain, a leader in open web advertising that provides leading advertising and editorial recommendation solutions. The platform drives engagement and monetization, offering users personalized content recommendations.

At Refinery, we proudly entered into a long-standing partnership with Outbrain. Through Outbrain, we can provide publishers with different options when it comes to recommended content, securing high-revenue outcomes.

When it comes to performance, Outbrain’s solutions are outstanding. Our database analysis has clearly proven that Otbrain’s widgets double publishers’ RPM, impressions, and earnings.

Outbrain isn’t just a partner; it’s a flexible ally dedicated to providing myriad solutions to augment publishers’ revenue.

Tested and Trusted: Recommended Ad Formats detailed!

Outbrain provides solutions; we put them to work. Refinery89’s primary mission is to foster perfect connections between publishers and Outbrain’s advanced solutions. We deliver expert technical assistance, ensuring smooth integration and offering in-depth programmatic expertise. Leveraging our team’s vast experience, we guide publishers, ensuring they maximize the potential of Outbrain’s platform. With Refinery89 by your side, you’re not just implementing a solution but setting off on a journey of growth, optimization, and revenue enhancement.


Widget at the End of the Article

A subtle widget rests at the article’s footer, enticing the visitor’s curiosity.



Tailored for the sophisticated desktop audience, this widget sports a side gig. It perfectly aligns with the integration process of the footer widget.


Explore More

This widget appears with curated content when users tap the back button. The real maverick of widgets! As users contemplate their exit, voila, your content and Outbrain ads take center stage to draw users back to your site. Choose to which audience the widget will be served, be it a specific site, Facebook, or anywhere that’s not Google (keep Google aside, as it can affect their scoring).


This thriving collaboration already achieves great RPM and engagement results for plenty of publishers, and we will be thrilled to find the right combination of widgets for the most challenging content. At Refinery, our principal commitment is to provide our publishers with the absolute best, ensuring they benefit every step of the way. In this way, we can’t wish for a better partner than Outbrain.

Reach out to reap your benefit from the Outbrain & Refinery partnership.

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