Cookies Consent Data: new requirements

cookies consent data

Make sure your website won’t be subject to a fine of up to 300.000 euros! Since the 11th of January updates of the cookies consent data usage came into effect in Spain and France. To align with the Organic Law of Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights (LOPD-GDD) and regulations set by […]

Third-party cookies cancellation webinar done. Full video

third-party cookies webinar

Third-party cookies are about to be banished from Google Chrome in 2024. Raising concerns brought us to think about an expert who can shed some light on the matter. So, how can we stay ahead of Google this time? Well, you have option 1: you can earn $297.132B dollars. You will become a King of […]

Cut the cookies. What to do about the end of third-party cookies?

third-party cookies

What is happening with third-party cookies?   The Third-party cookies are going to be blocked in 2024 by the major browsers, which significantly affects the advertising industry, as these pieces of code allow advertisers to track users’ behavior, interests, search history, browsing path, etc., supplying personalized information. Concerns about third-party cookies were raised long ago; […]

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