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Specializing in the electric car niche and targeting audiences in Poland with over 18M page views, elektrowoz.pl is a site that provides the latest automotive information, ranging from cars and motorbikes to batteries and renewable energy.

Since its launch, it has been a trusted source for individuals seeking to stay updated on the latest automotive news.


Ad Revenue Increase


Stable Revenue Flow

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Not only did Ad revenue increase by 30% with the Single Tag Header Bidding solution, but the publisher saw immediate results within the first month. Combining SSPs and our expertise, we targeted users and analyzed Elektrowoz.pl’s data to boost monetization, transform weaknesses into opportunities, and ensure outstanding website performance. 

Initial Challenges

Elektrowoz.pl was working with another service provider but was dissatisfied with the results and questioned whether they could generate more revenue. They were longing for a new, better partner to monetize their ads, and that’s when they connected with Refinery89.

Solution Delivered

We implemented a comprehensive monetization strategy, based on the following action points:

Setting RPM Goals

We analyzed historical data in combination with the previous setup to build a monetization strategy, setting a realistic RPM goal that doesn’t impact user experience.

Ongoing Support

Account Manager committed to providing customized support in their native language. Including guidance, performance insights, meetings, feedback, and clear communication.

Enhance Ad Performance

We used our Single Tag’s dashboard to study the performance of each ad unit. This allowed us to flag underperforming ads and optimize the setup, leading to an increase in revenue.

Customized SSPs

Integrated specialized SSPs that catered specifically to the electric cars niche, ensuring access to premium ad demand and enhance relevance of ad placements.

Preserving Website Performance

Our technology is lightweight and optimized for page loading, maintaining excellent website performance.

“We are really pleased with the remarkable boost in our revenue and wish we'd established contact sooner. Huge thanks to our dedicated account manager for his support."

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