No cookies = revenue loss!? Publishers’ revenue after cookies’ demise

No cookies = revenue loss? These days the online advertising world is boiling like a cauldron with speculations about both publishers’ and advertisers’ immediate future. Being the hottest question: “What will happen to publishers’ revenue?” There are academic research papers that describe the doomed future for publishers’ earnings. Google’s research claims the average of 52% […]

Refinery89 joins IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework

IAB Europe's Transparency and Consent Framework

Big News! We’re excited to announce the next big step we made! Refinery89 joined as the newest vendor to the IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework v2.2 (TCF). This means that we take thorough care of compliance with all obligations under GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive.   What is IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework? […]

New Google consent management requirement for publishers

new consent management

Google’s new consent management requirements are live:  this day has come. If you are a Refinery89 publisher and use our CMP you shouldn’t worry a second about your ads for EEA and UK traffic. Everything is in place and working as usual, as our partner in CMP is Google-certified. However, if you are using […]

Cookies Consent Data: new requirements

cookies consent data

Make sure your website won’t be subject to a fine of up to 300.000 euros! Since the 11th of January updates of the cookies consent data usage came into effect in Spain and France. To align with the Organic Law of Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights (LOPD-GDD) and regulations set by […]

Opportunities in the Polycrisis


Webinar “The Year in Review: Opportunities in the Polycrisis” by Ipsos   We have just a few days to go in 2023. While monetizing the last ads of this year, we took a moment to reflect on what we lived and what is about to come. Over the last 4 years, the general mood before […]

The end of third-party cookies. What should I do now?

third-party cookies webinar

Well, there are some options on how to deal with the third-party cookies demise. Option 1: develop a brand new search engine, earn 297.133B dollars, and become an industry game-changer. Sounds complicated? Then, there is option 2: be smart about your marketing strategy minding changes that Google introduces next year, and be ready! Here you […]

Digital marketing statistics 2023: edging toward 2024

digital marketing trends 2024

Digital marketing changes at a staggering speed. 2023 was fruitful regarding new technologies that altered our lives and the way we perceive internet interaction forever. ChatGPT boomed in April. Companies and customers took different courses of action from helplessness before technology shifts and feeling that AI-based tech will take over the rains, to quick adoption […]

Google Consent Mode V2: to panic or not to panic?

Consent Mode v2

Consent Mode v2 is on air No sooner had we started assimilating the third-party cookie cancellation than more news came from Google. Starting in Q1 of 2024 Google will require an update to Consent Mode v2, which means to have a certified (by Google, obviously) CMP platform to collect users’ tracking data. In light of […]

Key Consumer Behavior Trends to Watch in 2024

consumer behavior

The 2024 is right around the corner and it is a perfect moment to look at the key consumer behavior trends that will shape advertising in the month to come. We went through various reports provided by reputable research companies to highlight insights that can stand useful for publishers’ content and advertisement creation.     […]

Google AdSense Changes The Payment Structure

Google AdSense

Last month Google AdSense announced changes in the payment structure and ways to pay their publishers and charge advertisers. We decided to sit down with an expert in the field, Robin de Wit, to get an objective perspective.   New Google AdSense Payment Structure: An Expert’s Opinion.   Google AdSense’s recent announcement about changes in […]

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