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Single Tag Initialization

Single Line is the easiest way to monetize your application with our solution. You can See a Demo here.

Contact our team to integrate it with your app.

How it works?

We monitor your app to determine the active screen at any given moment. For each screen, we maintain a record of events and tags that you have supplied, enabling us to place ads in those tagged views or during specific transitions and events.

We have the capability to display Display ads on a tagged view o trigger an Interstitial ad during the transition from one screen to another. All of this can be achieved without the need of coding specific triggers or manually add the ad to the view. It is as simple as initializing the SDK.

For a Full Compatibility list check the table below.

What is needed?

  1. Get started by creating an account with us. Reach out our team to initiate the process and provide all the necessary information listed below.

  2. Add or modify the Views where you wish to display ads. For creating a wrapper in you UI you can use this guide .

  3. Then, incorporate the tag attribute to the respective views. Follow these Guidelines while adding and tagging the Views.

  4. Integrate the Initialization code.

  5. Your app is now prepared for monetization with us.

Information we require about your app

  • Which formats do you intend to utilize? If you’re unsure about the formats, please refer to their dedicated pages or reach out for assistance by contacting us.

  • Screen class names in the code. Supported options include are Activities or Fragments.

    • For every Screen, we require the following:

      • Tags for the the views that you want us to place ads.

      • Events you want us to track, including: Button Clicks, Screen Transitions (activity to activity or fragment to fragment).

      • (Optional) For each Unit, consider providing:

        • Keywords to use.

  • App Keywords whised.

  • Store Link (Google o Apple one).

  • Domain of the app. E.g.: www.refinery89.com.

  • Begin by initializing the SDK. Proceed to the Vamos Allá section and follow the Single Tag Integration path.

Compatibility table


Tagged View















At the end of the example you can find a template for production here.

If you are in Debug mode, please add these lines before any of the examples. Marking the SDK as Debug will make the SDK use ConfigBuilder ids and data.


Single Line cannot be tested since the screen data is very different for each app, but you can test it by checking our Demo apps. There we test screen data for that app.

We are working on a way to test this in any app. While this is ongoing, you can contact our team to make a Testing Setup.

Example in the Demo

The singleLine flag is set to true.

              appContext = this,
              publisherId = "TestRefinery89ID",
              appId = "TestSingleTagDemoApp",
              singleLine = true


          appContext = this,
          publisherId = "<YOUR PUBLISHER ID>",
          appId = "<YOUR APP ID>",
          singleLine = true

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