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C'est officiel ! Monétisez facilement les applications avec Monetize App SDK.

Cha-ching! You can now increase your revenue and make more money with your apps through ads (without going nuts, of course).

We are happy to announce our latest solution for publishers and app developers: Monetize App SDK.


You asked, we listened! App monetization for publishers and app developers

The Monetize App SDK solution has been created to meet the needs of our publishers and developers wanting to monetize not only their websites, but also their apps. So we rolled up our sleeves to enable app monetization as easy and flexible as web monetization. After all, implementing a mobile Ad SDK should be painless! right?

Say hello to the new app monetization solution designed for developers, by developers!

easy app monetization


Monetize App SDK: The All-in-One Ad Monetization Solution


We are always improving and finding new ways to make your life easier. Monetize App SDK includes a Plateforme de gestion des consentements (CMP) integration, a unique Dashboard packed with insights, and connection to 25+ premium demand sources, including Prebid Server Premium and Ad Manager. But wait, there’s more!

It’s now possible to implement ad placement optimizations without having to update the app! Forget about saying goodbye to money lost by users with outdated versions.


Monetize Apps and websites at the same time! No technical knowledge required.


Our new feature complements our “Single Tag” solution for websites. As a result? Publishers and developers can now monetize websites and apps efficiently, without requiring technical knowledge or relying on technical staff, as our team manages all the setup and you can count on our technical support along the way.

Monetize App SDK is currently available for Android, Flutter and will soon be available on iOS.


We’re on a mission to bringing you even more amazing solutions!


We’re committed to delivering innovative, easy-to-use revenue-boosting solutions for you! Our team of experts works each day to prioritize your needs and deliver the ultimate partner experience.

Our CEO, Hugo Welkers, shared that:

“As Google Certified Publishing Partners, we are committed to providing the best support, being up to date with the latest technologies and trends for advertising strategies that boost the revenue of our publishers, not only on the web pages but now through apps.”


Calling all publisher and developers ready to monetize their Apps like a pro! Learn more and get started now.

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