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What solutions for Publishers do you offer?

  • Best Ad Tech to monetize ads:
    – Access 25+ programmatic & premium demand sources ensuring your revenue growth.
    – With Ad Refresh tech & Dynamic SSP allocation you won’t lose any business opportunity, ever!
    – Geo Tag optimizes traffic by country


  • Service Personnel Complet
    – Our native-speaking Account Managers help you every step of the way.
    – The Refinery Chrome plug-in signale rapidement les publicités qui nécessitent notre attention.
    Nous garantissons une assistance experte rapide avec un délai de réponse de moins de 12 heures et une résolution de moins de 48 heures.


  • Deep Data insights
    – You get your own dashboard with all the info regarding ad’s performance and revenue
    – We continuously monitor and adjust your ads based on performance data. We conduct A/B testing of different ad placements, fine tuning different demand sources, adjusting floor prices, and optimizing for viewability and click-through rates.
    – Your site, your rules, your results!

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